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SQ: Social Intelligence

What I Am

Social Intelligence is the essence of being human, it answers the overarching question: what I am? Social intelligence gives us our awareness of our emotions, respect, caring, helpfulness, consideration, and collaboration. Social Intelligence is something that is learned overtime through your successes and failures.

Social Intelligence is influenced by three factors:

  1. Will of the self: obstinately doing what one wants despite the wishes of others.

  2. Self-potential: creative process of making sense of our experiences.

  3. Self-belief: confidence in your own abilities and judgement.

EQ: Emotional Intelligence

What I Feel

Emotional Intelligence is the skill to understand and maintain your own emotions in a positive way in order to empathize with others, communicate effectively, and overcome challenges. Emotional Intelligence can assist you in creating strong relationships, resolve stressful situations, and accomplish your goals.

Four Aspects of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Self-awareness: the ability to understand and identify our own emotions

  2. Self-management: the skill to manage our identified emotions and behaviours learned through self-awareness.

  3. Social awareness: having empathy for others and understanding how and why people feel certain ways.

  4. Social skills: having the ability to communicate in a clear, concise, and considerate manner and understanding non-verbal cues.


Social Intelligence is important because people with a high Social Intelligence tend to be dedicated leaders, who bring higher vision and value, and they inspire others. Social intelligence is the foundation of building human character, the human character that inspires and creates positive influence based on the higher vision and principle of social intelligence. The first place to build any relationship is to build a relationship with yourself. Having self-reliance, being centered on the right principles, and being driven by values and integrity gives you the power to build lasting and productive relationships with others. Social intelligence allows you to create realistic principles and perspectives in your life.

Emotional Intelligence is important because it assists you with connecting with your feelings, it helps you make knowledgeable decisions about what is most important to you in your life, and it supports putting your goals into action. One of the most important aspects of emotional intelligence is learning how to use your emotions to your advantage. So if you feel you are in an angry state or upset state, ask yourself: how can I use this emotion to my benefit? Emotional intelligence is what enables us to live our lives with intention and purpose.


Your emotions are learned over the course of your life through experiences and as a result become habitual. Emotional habits can be changed overtime by changing your state and training your mind and body to react differently in certain situations. For example, once you have learned to feel angry in a certain situation it is difficult to react differently the next time you are faced with a similar situation. There are many books and courses to help people break the habit of long-term unwanted emotional association.

You cannot have EQ without SQ and vice-versa. Both are extremely important to achieving success in your life!


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