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Yamilette Cano is co-author of #MyVoice


vol. 2

Yamilette is a co-author of this exciting book telling her story of ballet, entrepreneurship, and closure.  Readers will gain insights into Yamilette's journey while understanding Yamilette's definition of closure: the ability to compartmentalize adverse outcomes into the past and truly see them as necessary steps on the way to achieving a positive outcome, not just of a particular goal, but for life in general.  Readers will also gain insights into LOUDER's communication coaching style. 

"It is essential to remember that life is like a dance, it is not easy, but it is beautiful and should never stop."



VOL. 2

ABOUT the book

In this book, 23 women from across the world raise their voices to share their inspiring and heart-warming stories. These women are the unsung heroes and community champions who have gone above and beyond their course of work, service and passions, providing extraordinary examples of courage, resilience, triumph, kindness, compassion, self-love, transformation, skill and success.


 Every chapter in this volume, no matter the content, is about finding one’s authentic voice.


Proceeds from book sales go to Singapore Children’s Society Charity.

Yamilette Cano, co-author, speaker, and coach
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