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Yamilette Cano

Founder. Speaker. Communication Coach. Confidence Maker. Author. Mom.

Yamilette Cano, founder of LOUDER Global, leverages over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and more than a decade in global communication. Now, as a mom, her unique journey inspires her passion for empowerment and shapes her advocacy for momtrepreneurs worldwide. Striking a balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship, she continues to impact individuals and brands worldwide.

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Rachel Dye, Director of Global Strategy

Rachel Dye

Director of Global Strategy 

Rachel is a seasoned hospitality and event management professional with experience in France, Canada, and Hong Kong. Her passion for innovative communication and boundless creativity allows her to craft tailored campaigns, events, and build relationships with a diverse array of stakeholders.  

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Kenny James

Creative Director

With a passion for design and creativity in all avenues - including web, graphic, photography and videography, Kenny’s passion for tech, keen eye, and willingness to push boundaries  consistently creates stunning finished products. With experience working on multi-billion dollar projects Kenny brings a high level luxury mentality to every project he works on. 

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pauline cheung

Content Strategist  

Pauline has over 10 years of leadership experience working in a wide variety of organisational structures.  From SMEs to large businesses, corporates to NGOs - her diverse set of experiences enables her to give meaningful insight into how leadership should be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

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Chiebuka Itanyi

Executive Assistant

Chiebuka Itanyi, LOUDER Global's Executive Assistant, holds a BSc from The London School of Economics and an MSc from Imperial College Business School. Specializing in executive support, project management, and stakeholder engagement, Chiebuka excels in optimizing operations and enhancing strategic partnerships, contributing significantly to team success with his multifaceted skill set.

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Teddy Sharman

Customer Success Specialist

Teddy brings a unique blend of problem-solving acumen and customer service expertise. With a strong work ethic, she combines creativity and resourcefulness to overcome challenges. Her notable interpersonal skills and dedication not only foster effective teamwork but also ensure an unparalleled client experience.

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Kim Yu

Event Operations Lead

Kim, originally from China, educated in Australia, and multilingual in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, has navigated her career from aviation to event management. Her hands-on experiences have cultivated strong skills in client relations and branding. A fervent advocate of continuous learning and passionate about her work, Kim brings to our team a dynamic viewpoint shaped by her global experiences.

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Sol Quiroga, Color & Style Consultant

Sol Quiroga

Color & Style consultant

Experienced marketing and communications professional, Sol has become an expert in styling and the psychology behind individual and entire outfits, color palettes, styles, and fabrics.  She works alongside clients to  understand each individual's needs and tailors suggestions depending on their aesthetic preferences, personal style, body type, price range, and the occasion.  She expertly uses her knowledge of trends and fashion principles to assist others in the realm of fashion.

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Angela Leung, CMO - Cheif Movement Officer


Movement Consultant 

Angela is a specialist Musculoskeletal physiotherapist from the UK. Before opening two of her own clinics in the UK, Angela has worked within public and private sectors, as well as professional football. 


Angela’s passion is to use her skills to empower people to take control of their health and body by keeping it simple. 

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Jessica Wong, Director of Business Development


Multicultural Connections Lead  

Jessica is an experienced entrepreneur, designer, and communication specialist.  Driven by her passion for innovation she takes pride in providing creative solutions for all of her clients.   


With over a decade of experience, Jessica’s goals include, providing tailored options in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin, educating, and simplifying the process to fit each client’s needs. 

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Claudia Solenthaler

Creative Copywriter & Storyteller

Claudia is an expert storyteller and passionate about helping individuals and businesses thrive by finding their voice through compelling copywriting. Her vast experience in the Middle East, Australia and Hong Kong has allowed for an unconventional yet creative approach to narratives resulting in suitability for a diverse range of audiences.

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Maartje Dijks


Maartje is a Business Administration student from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.  She is a self-motivated individual who is driven to learn new things and grow her international experience.  Maartje uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.  She is highly organized and is comfortable communicating in English and Dutch. 

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Jens Nass


Jens is a student at the Fontys College in Eindhoven, the Netherlands with diverse business experience.  He is driven by creative ideas and takes pride in providing the best service possible.  His goal is to improve his professionalism while fine-tuning his communication skills.  Jens is comfortable communicating in English and Dutch. 

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